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iPhone App Development

The introduction of the iPhone provides new marketing opportunities to connect with your customers in a new and exciting way. With a portable internet connection which gives users access to emails and a mini web browser, the web can now be accessed pretty much anywhere at any time.

WPM Digital has the expertise in iphone app development Melbourne for businesses looking to utilise the broadened possibilities of web marketing.

For companies considering iPhone App Development, there are two specific options.

1. iPhone App Development for iPhone specific web applications. Companies are developing 'mini' versions of their website, specifically for iPhone browsers, known as web applications. This iPhone Application Development is necessary to ensure that a company's website is iPhone compatible. Due to the comparison in size of the iPhone screen to a PC screen, Safari Mobile enables iPhone compatible web applications to be displayed instead of regular websites. This is because a regular website would be impractical in the small iPhone web browser.

2. iPhone App Development for stand-alone iPhone applications. These applications are enhancements to the functionality of the iPhone. Companies can submit applications across a range of iPhone categories, such as finance, business tools, games, news, sport, weather, lifestyle, travel, education, and more. Applications are uniquely developed by the company or individual and once submitted to Apple, the application is availed to iPhone users for purchase and download their devise.

iPhone enables its users to neatly access information and services at their convenience. iPhone App Development Melbourne has the potential to give businesses the edge via enhanced customer service and greater access to their target market.

Contact us to discuss how an iPhone App could benefit your business.

*Please note we are unable to display details of the iPhone Applications developed online. To find out more detail please call us on 03 9869 8916.